Swatches Reader

Cross platform palette management tool based on a GIMP format.

It supports unlimited steps history, autosave, document versions and collaborate work. Designed for iPhone, iPad and macOS. Natively supports macOS Monterey and Apple Silicon. Supports multi window and tabs.

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Core features

Internal color picker allows to use RGB, CMYK, Lab, HSL, HSV and gradations of White. You can use system picker to grab color from anywhere from screen. Ability to rename swatches and group.

Color theme from image

It is possible to automatically extract palette from the given image – just drag to the app’s window or open via menu. Supported formats – dng, tiff, arw, nef, rw2, sr2, cr3, jp2, psd, jpg, png, gif, bmp, heic.

System integration

  • The app has included fast Thumbnails and QuickLook extensions.
  • Allowed copy/paste operations between your Mac and iCloud devices (Handoff).
  • Supported collaborative document editing – multiple people can work together on a palette saved on the iCloud shared folder. Or you can save palette file on the iCloud and edit simultaneously on the Mac and iPad/iPhone.
  • Swatches Reader implements autosave. You should not care about document saving. All changes are saved automatically.
  • On your Mac, you can browse through document versions and go back to an older version. Open the document you wish to browse revisions for and revert to a prior version of. Pull down the “File” menu and go to the “Revert To” menu, then choose “Browse All Versions” to open the version browser feature.
Get Swatches Reader today!

Have any questions?

Split screen mode on iPad and macOS? Yes.
System color picker to grab color anywhere from the screen? Yes.
Apple Silicon support? Also yes.
Family sharing? Of course.
Dark and light theme? Sure.

There are no in-app subscriptions or annoying ads, pay once for all updates. 
The application does not collect any personal data from its users.
Swatches Reader Privacy Policy

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