LineEngraver Photo Editor for iOS

Greyscale photo editor and camera.


Fast and simple

Open a file from the Gallery, Google Drive, Google Photos, Local Files or make photo from the built-in camera. Convert photos to grayscale using one of the app’s predefined styles, or create and use your own style.



This app is a lightweight full-featured photo editor for greyscale images. Since the app uses mostly native Apple's frameworks, it takes under 10 mB on your device and has low requirements to used memory.



Lineengraver can easily operate with the big files and can process filters in real time. It takes only a few seconds to select an image, choose a set of predefined styles, and convert your photo to greyscale. These styles are completely editable.



Lineengraver supports iPad and iPhone. It can import most of the graphics and raw formats. HEIF/HEIC files are supported to open. Lineengraver correctly processes alpha channel. Export also is in your hands - you can select from jpg, png or tiff.

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Select image

You can open file from the Gallery, Google Drive, Google Photos, Local Files or take a photo from the built-in camera. LineEngraver supports large image sizes - up to 3900 x 3900 px. Large images will be resized.

Easy To Edit

You can scale the image, crop, flip and rotate. Easily style your image with the help of 20 predefined and adjustable filters. Choices include ajusting of RGB components, hue, saturation, contrast, gamma correction, brightness, luminance sharpening and a sketch filter.

Enhance, dehaze, denoise

Additionally Lineengraver has the ability to auto enhance, red eye removal tool, dehaze and denoise, and a set of predefined effects. Use multi-touch gestures to zoom into fine details for precision editing without losing quality.

Metadata, export, socials

Metadata currently is accessible but not editable. Export to Local Files, Photos or iCloud is available. Local files are accessible from Files app or via connected iTunes. Universal clipboard is supported. We have built-in feature to share image via Twitter, additionally you are able to use any socials installed on your device.

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