Color Palette Finder for iPhone

Simple tool to view and edit Adobe Swatch Exchange files


Tight integration into the iOS

It means you can see thumbnails of the ase files inside of the standard Files app.
You can open and edit ase just by tap on the file or select option for fast preview by long tap - Quick Look.
From now your palettes will be syncing in your way - iCloud, Google Drive or other cloud storages, whatever you want.


ASE is widely supported

Adobe Swatch Exchange file used for saving a collection of colors accessed through the Swatches palette of some Adobe products like Photoshop.
The format makes it easy to share colors between programs.
With Color Palette Finder you can create, preview, edit and save palette from your iPhone in a simple way.



You are not limited just by RGB and CMYK. Supported also quite rare used features like Lab and gradations of White.
For your convenience also added two not supported by the ASE format models - HLS and HSV. They are can not be saved but will help you to select desired color.
Groups and ungrouped swatches? Yes, as much as you wish.


Extract color

You can extract color from the image and add it to the collection.
Just open incorporated Camera or Photo Gallery viewer and select image.
Of course images selected from the Files app are supported too. Even different RAW formats like dng, tiff, arw, crw, nef etc.


Dark side

Yes, master, if you wish to

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